"Girls are weird!" Drawn in some punk’s sketchbook.

"Girls are weird!" Drawn in some punk’s sketchbook.

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D-D-D-Don’t shoot!

D-D-D-Don’t shoot!

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She comes in colours…

She comes in colours…

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Hellamacoushma Mabingo!

My friends we live in confuzzling times, soooo many quesjuns need answering. Like…

With the recent return to the fold of Magentis Stakkerstar is a Phresh Young Lawds of Slawter reunion on the cards?
Or will the imminent invasion of this septic orb by the devilish Harasstronauts see us all enslaved and put to work in the treacle mines??
What exactly is the meaning of the expression “flavour my fizzbizkits with some of yo dark dark hu hu”???
And why is it’s utterance punishable by death in the underwater kingdom of Blurblecester-Boomsquire????
Were the 2014 Omlette-folding championships fixed?????
Did Quantaas Malinger really deserve his crown??????
Have we heard the last of pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter Jones???????
Or are we all just dead and made of heat????????
Which way exactly is loose?????????

and, the question we’ve all been asking the last few centuries…


* I am sad to report I used up the last of my supply of question marks on this update and the guy at the shop says they’re being discontinued. Apparently our newly appointed mad dictator, the Chant Zizaar, has outlawed all forms of questioning. But I have friends in the underground, they have sent me a pamphlet detailing how to modify ampersands into makeshift question marks. Viva la resistance!

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@heybrutesaysay Nothing MUCH to see here…

@heybrutesaysay Nothing MUCH to see here…

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Ain’t no yoke! Don’t ox, don’t tell.

Ain’t no yoke! Don’t ox, don’t tell.

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The Big Bad in The Peculiarist is an entity known as Ziz, the Eater of Hope. These are some early designs showng both her heroic and beastly sides, as you can see she is heavily inspired by the Indian goddess Kali. This echoes her nemesis Anupam who has shades of the monkey god Hanuman.

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